Camp Kern

Literary Themed Camps
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Each week offers a camp based on your favorite literary tales!

Session 1 : Super Hero Comic Adventures!

Session 2 : Percy Jackson

Session 3 : Harry Potter

Session 4 : Star Wars

Session 5 : The Hobbit

Session 6 : Percy Jackson

Session 7 : Harry Potter

Session 8 : Medieval

Harry Potter Week – Ages 9-14

Sessions 3 & 7

Harry Potter is coming for an ENTIRE WEEK at Camp Kern! From the moment you arrive, until you check out on Saturday, you will cease to be a Muggle, and will enter the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a student. Do you have what it takes to learn Potions? Are you ready for daily Quiddich practice? Do you know your spellbook forwards and back?

Tons of activity, imagination, and fun will fill this week. Come prepared to immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter, while enjoying all that Camp Kern has to offer!

Percy Jackson Week – Ages 9-14

Sessions 2 & 6

You’ve always felt that you didn’t quite belong. Things never seemed to look the same to you as they did to other kids. One of your parents seems suspiciously “god-like”. You can read Latin. You are a great candidate for Camp Jupiter! Come spend a week at camp, training your body and mind into the hero’s physique you were build for. Daily quests, monsters to vanquish, and a god-written destiny await all who answer the call of heroes!

Ranger’s Apprentice – Ages 10-16

Sessions 3 & 7

Immerse yourself in the world of Ranger’s Apprentice! This week is fully-themed, and you will be instructed on horseback riding, trail riding, archery, tracking, survival skills, stealth and missions throughout the week.

For more information, see the Ranger’s Apprentice Page.

Star Wars/Clone Wars Week – Ages 9-14

Session 4

Are you prepared to embark on the greatest adventure ever seen in a galaxy long ago and far away? There is war brewing between the Republic, Clones, Trade Federation, Outer Rim Planets…and there have been reports that the Sith are reemerging. Join forces with the greatest heroes of the universe and take down the darkest evil ever faced. Your week will train you in the ways and honor of the Jedi, while challenging you with the nightly missions. Gather your courage and prepare to become one with the Force!

This week of Star Wars fun was created in conjunction with Lucasfilm, LTD. Camp Kern was able to be a part of creating an awesome camp resource for use by camps around the country as they integrate Star Wars themes into their camp! Campers last year loved Star Wars camp, and 2013 is going to be another awesome year filled with new games and adventure!

Medieval Week – Ages 9-14

Session 8


Elder Scrolls

Get ready to take a step back in time and live out amazing adventures in a week long Medieval Camp. Prepare to for battle, adventure, dragons and more as we fully immerse you into a Medieval fantasy world. Camp Kern, for one week, will be transformed into a different world from a different time. You’ll go toe to toe sorcerers and knights — you’ll break bread with the others also embarking on this great adventure with you. Learn to lead, learn to be brave, learn what it takes to survive Medieval Week!


Super Hero Adventures – Ages 9-14

Session 1



“With great power comes great responsibility…”

Do you have what it takes become a superhero? To be the protector of Camp Kern? Spend a week learning the skills it takes to save Camp Kern from the perils of evil. Learn to Fly, battle evil, and be righteous while being fully immersed into a world of Comic Book Superheroes. Evil is afoot and only you can bring the light back to YMCA Camp Kern!


The Hobbit – Ages 10-13

Session 5

Few have ever lived-out a greater adventure than Bilbo Baggins in the story of The Hobbit. Now, for one week only, you have the chance to live that same journey. Travel all over camp throughout the week, living out one of the greatest stories ever told. You will be fully immersed in a journey like no other — starting from the shire and traveling along learning the skills it takes to survive!


To request any additional information, or if you have any questions regarding our Literary Camp programs, please contact Rachel Byrd at (513) 932-3756 ext. 1530 or RByrd@daytonymca.org.