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Ages 7-14

Traditional Camp

Price: $595.00


The Traditional Camp program at YMCA Camp Kern is a world where imagination comes alive! Campers spend a magical week participating in their choice of daily activities while making friends and creating lasting memories on Camp Kern’s beautiful 485 acres.

Activities include canoeing, digital photography, archery, tango tower, rifles, drama, nature, radio, arts and crafts, sports, swimming, disc golf, rock climbing and many more.

Our progressive programs allow for new skill orientation each year a camper returns to camp with specialized activities for each age group.  Each village has their own special activity opportunities. Frontier Village has an hour of swimming all to themselves, as well as two other camper-chosen activities.  Explorer Village is the first chance campers get to try the Archery Range as an activity, and Adventure Village is campers first opportunity to choose the Rifle Range activity.  These activities make room for camp to be a place to participate in growth and new experiences as campers become old enough to safely enjoy them.  

Camp Kern’s unique and exciting evening activities are bursting with energy. Games such as Under Siege, Alient Hunt, Medieval, Greek Gods, and Harry Potter Day make fantasy a reality, while building camper teamwork and leadership skills. No week at Camp Kern is complete without the traditional campfires, songs, night hikes and Camp Outs.

To read even more information about each village, and to watch videos of each village in action, go the Main Camp page on the main website here!