Meals & Dining

The purpose of these procedures is to create a safe environment for campers, guests, and all camp staff. 


  • Meal times may be staggered based on total camp population each week.
  • Alternative dining and eating locations may be used (outside for example). 
  • Cabin groups will eat each meal together and not mingle with other cabin groups.
  • Cabin groups will enter the dining location one group at a time and maximum capacity will be limited.
  • Campers and staff will wash / sanitize their hands before entering dining facility.
  • Tables will be spaced to ensure social distancing between cabin groups (at least 6ft).
  • Tables will be used by the same cabin group throughout the week.

Food Service:

  • Our goal is still to provide a choice of tasty food items at each meal, with healthy eating options and plenty of liquids. We will still accommodate dietary restrictions.  
  • Buffet and family style meals will not be served.
  • Salad bar, sandwich bar, breakfast bar and toast bar will be replaced with pre-packaged items or counselor / staff served items.
  • Meals will be served by trained kitchen staff / counselors, wearing masks and gloves. This may be done at the serving counter, or at the table, but at no time will plates, utensils or food items pass back and forwards between staff and / or campers.
  • Campers will have their personal water bottles filled by counselors only from covered pitchers.
  • Single serve items (cereal boxes, milk cartons, washed fruit etc.) will be used.  
  • Common use dispensers such as communal ketchup bottles will not be used. They will be replaced by single use items.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • After each meal (including each staggered meal) the tables, chairs and counters will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the next group enters.
  • Campers, guests and staff will wash / sanitize their hands before leaving the dining location.
  • All plates, utensils and serving items will be discarded or cleaned and sanitized.