Cabin & Program

The purpose of this set-up is to allow us to operate a safe and meaningful camp experience within the State Mandates. 

Cabin Groups

Summer Camp 2021:

  • It is too early to make a final decision on cabin capacities and social distancing between cabin groups for Summer Camp Programming. We are initially limiting cabin space to six campers, (just like 2020) and will hopefully be able to increase capacity closer to camp and as the pandemic crisis eases. 

Groups and Schools:

  • Based on the current State Mandates:
    • Not more than 10 people in any sleeping area
    • Not more than 10 people in any activity area
    • Recommend at least 6ft between beds and sleeping head to toe when on the same bunk. 


Summer Camp 2021:

  • Again, it is too early to make final decisions on what summer camp will look like in 2021. We are hopeful we can relax many of the COVID-19 policies from 2020 (listed below) as the pandemic situation changes.  
    • Check-out for all programs will be Friday evening, not Saturday morning.
    • In general, cabin groups will rotate around activities without mingling with other camper groups. Some activities will be limited based on total camper population and our normal age restrictions.
    • Large group activities are prohibited by the State mandates, so traditional items such as pool parties, 'all camp' campfires, camp dance and underseige will either be canceled or conducted as small cabin groups in a large open space.
    • Camp-out night and off-site field trips may be cancelled again.

Schools and Groups:

  • Recommend that 'cabin groups' do not mingle or share activity space with at least 6ft between cabin groups at all times. 
  • Large group activities such as campfires, dances etc. should be canceled or modified to allow social distancing. 
  • Recommend that activities are held outside as much as possible.