Corporate Events

YMCA Camp Kern has years of experience delivering positive teambuilding and leadership development programming. Our professionally trained facilitators use this experience to help your organization achieve their goals. Work with Camp Kern facilitators to customize our corporate teambuilding programs to provide an experience specifically designed to assist your professional team succeed. You may select from an array of programs designed to increase and establish numerous benefits, including enhanced communication, improved creativity, accountability, and building trust. Our facilitators have the capability and the knowledge to guide your organization through a series of challenges and debrief to assist your professional team in reaching their potential.

Meeting Facilitation & Story Boarding


YMCA Camp Kern Facilitators are trained in meeting facilitation and Story Boarding. Story Boarding isa fantastic problem-solving and idea generation technique originated by Walt Disney in 1928.  Our program is designed to help your professional team to overcome roadblocks and to facilitate problem solving. Our meeting spaces are specifically designed to host storyboarding sessions to assist your organization through a series of activities specifically designed to help your team think outside the box and problem solve.

Indoor Team Challenge & Mobile Team Developmentindoor team building

This program is our most diverse team development course. Whether our facilitators travel to your office, or your professional team chooses to travel to YMCA Camp Kern, we are able to offer an experience that will aid in the development of your professional team.

This program is capable of energizing a team, enhancing communication, building relationships, and increasing creative problem solving. Our facilitators will tailor the program to the needs of your professional team. Programs may vary in length according to your group’s desired outcome and allotted time.

Low Ropes

The teambuilding experts at YMCA Camp Kern specialize in ice breakers, group field games, and ourlow ropes course.  Your group will be faced with a variety of physical and mental obstacles that are designed to promote teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving, and camaraderie.  YMCA Camp Kern offers a large selection of Low Course elements ranging from “classics” to originals that were designed and developed by our staff. Low ropes sessions typically begin with fun group initiatives and then gradually moves in to more complex challenges.

High Adventure


This program assists in guiding your professional team through the process of stepping outside of their comfort zones and applying their experience to improving communication, establishing trust, and obtaining goals.  Begin the day on the ground with introductory activities to push your professionalteam outside of their comfort zones and begin the learning process. Face the High Ropes Course or Tango Tower and reach beyond the average team development program.  Complete your day with a flying jump from the Leap of Faith and test your boundaries and faith in your organization.

The Adventure Challenge


The Adventure Challenge is designed for large groups who are willing and able to divide into smallerteams to conquer challenges spread across Camp kern’s Beautiful 485 acres. Each team will receive a map of camp and all of the supplies necessary to successfully complete challenges spread across Kern’s campus. Each conquered challenge will earn the team points, and the group with the most points will be declared the winner. Some challenges require mental strength while others require physical strength.  This activity provides a great opportunity to encourage and promote leadership, communication, teamwork, personal growth, and camaraderie for any organization.  It is a favorite of corporate groups, school groups, and athletic teams.  Group size can greatly vary with this activity.