Ranger's Apprentice Camp

Ranger's Apprentice Summer Camp

Immerse yourself in the world of Ranger’s Apprentice young adult fantasy novel series! This is a fully themed week where you will be instructed on horseback riding, trail riding, archery, tracking, survival skills, stealth and Ranger missions. If you love Ranger’s Apprentice, this officially-sanctioned camp will test your strength, loyalty and commitment. Defend the kingdom from Morgarath’s Wargals, Skandian Raiders, and the fearsome Temujai warriors. Come as an Apprentice. Earn your Silver Oak Leaf. Become a Ranger.


  • Session 3 (Co-ed)
  • Session 7 (Co-ed)

Advanced Ranger's Apprentice Summer Camp

Riding Experience and Ranger's Apprentice experience is preferred.

For those who love Ranger’s Apprentice camp and are looking for more, Advanced Ranger’s Apprentice is for you. Build on your Ranger skills in horseback riding, archery, and stealthing while taking on even more challenging missions. This week will test Ranger’s Apprentices to see if they have what it takes to become a Ranger.

Previous participation in Ranger’s Apprentice Camp is recommended for Advanced Ranger’s Apprentice. Advanced Ranger’s Apprentice can be combined with Ranger’s Apprentice to create a two week Ranger experience!


  • Session 4 (Co-ed)
  • Session 8 (Co-ed)