Ohio History

Be an active participant in the history of our region. Students can become pioneers looking for land in the early days of statehood or, members of Native American nations negotiating a treaty with General Anthony Wayne or, students in an authentic one room classroom at the turn of the last century. Activities include:

  • Living History - Journey back in time to the early statehood days of Ohio. Your students, divided into small family groups, encounter our costumed staff and experience life on the Ohio frontier (early 1800's) first-hand.
  • Native American Day - Students become Native Americans and take part in a series of activities including an active group simulation of Native American trade with plenty of running and stealth. This is followed by a meeting with General Anthony Wayne and a reenactment of the Greenville Treaty of 1795.
  • Fort Ancient Hike - A hike through the scenic Little Miami River Valley and Kern led interpretive tours of the Hopewell earthworks. A museum tour is also available.
  • Old Tavern/ Archaeology - Explore the mysteries of Kern’s 1809 “Cross Keys” Tavern. Students also can visit our unique “Sun Serpent” site, and try their hand at a mock archeological excavation.
  • Stones & Bones - Explore the legends and lifestyles of Ohio’s early settlers at the Bethel Pioneer Cemetery, located just across the street for the camp entrance. 
  • School Days – Live a day in the life of a student at the Hart One room Schoolhouse. Experience the late 19th and early 20th century small town school day’s lessons, recess, discipline, and games.