Safety is our absolute priority at Ozone Zipline Adventures. Below you will find an outline of how we ensure that every guest has a safe experience while they enjoy our zip line course. If you have any questions about safety at Ozone Zipline Adventures, please email us, or call us at 513-932-3756.

    • Our Course was constructed by an Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Approved Builder and is inspected to ACCT standards by a third party vendor at least once a year, to ensure that every cable, platform and bridge is safe to use. Every day, before the first tour of the day, one of our guides inspects the course to make sure that it is safe to zip.

    • Our Equipment is of the highest quality and is purchased under recommendation from our and meticulous records are kept of the date every piece of equipment was put into service, it’s usage, last inspection date and when it should be retired. All our equipment is inspected to ACCT standards by a third party vendor at the same time as our course is inspected. We also perform internal checks of our equipment monthly, and every piece is also inspected before use by the tour guides.

    • Our Guides pass a full background check and interview process before being hired. They each undergo a 40 hour training in small groups to learn how to perform all the essential functions of the job. After they have passed this phase, they are then shadowed on multiple tours by our experienced staff to ensure that they are comfortable on the course. Only after they have passed this final check are they allowed to lead a tour. Each guide is trained to ACCT standards and receives a ‘Skill Check’ to ensure they have the skills and knowledge required. We also perform in-services to keep our guides current on their skills.

    • Our Policies and Procedures have undergone many updates and reviews since our opening in 2009, and we are confident that we operate one of the most experienced and safest canopy tours in the country.