Camp Kern

Our Course

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Tour Options

Sample Tour

  • Lines 1-5
  • $65 and up to 2 hours

Traditional Tour

  • Lines 1-7
  • $65 and 2.5 to 3 hours

River Tour

  • Lines 1-5, River 1 & 2, Line 9-10
  • $85 and up to 4 hours

Ultimate Tour

  • Lines 1-7, River 1 & 2, Line 9-10
  • $110 and up to 5 hours

Full Moon Night Zipping

  • Lines 1-5
  • $55 and up to 1.5 hours

Outline of the course (click map to enlarge)

Our course was professionally designed and built by ACCT accredited builders and exceeds all industry standards.  Safety is our number one priority and our course is inspected twice a year by a third party vendor to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Please click here for a detailed outline of all our safety measures. We have a total of 12 zip lines ranging in in length from 250ft to 1300ft.  Heights of our lines vary from 10ft to 200ft. Each line starts and ends from a platform around one of our carefully selected trees, so there is no hiking at all on the Traditional Tour and just one very short hike (20 yards) on the River or Extended Tour.

Course Pictures