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Paint Zone

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Our Newest Program – Paintball!

Paint Zone is the areas newest premier paintball facility, with a natural wooded field, great games, experienced referees, quality equipment and a welcoming atmosphere for all abilities.

All the details:

  • Open weekends, May through October.
  • 9am – 5pm.
  • No reservations required.
  • Ages 13+. All guests younger than 18 must have a parent / legal guardian with them or a signed and notarized waiver.
  • Check out our rules below.
  • Packages start at $35 that includes: 500 paintballs, field fee, all day air, mask, gun, hopper, barrel bag.
  • Got your own equipment? $20 includes all day air and field fee.
  • Additional paint can be purchased.

Questions? Call us at 513-932-3756 or email Andrew Wright at awright@daytonymca.org.

Safety Rules

  • Goggles must be worn in play area at all times
  • Barrell socks must be used in staging area
  • Paintguns must be chronographed on site, below 250 feet per second (fps) before play
  • No blind shooting
  • No bonus balling or overshooting eliminated players
  • No bunkering (shooting someone at point blank range)
  • If you are less than 20ft from an opposing player you must use the surrender rule to eliminate them from play
  • Do not pick up or use old paintballs (they will jam your gun)
  • No physical contact with other players or referees
  • No verbal abuse, profanity, slurs or name calling against any players or employees at any time
  • No arguing with referees. Decisions are final.
  • No jumping over, or on top of bunkers.
  • No shooting in areas other than the designated field of play. This includes staging areas, parking lot and other fields in area.
  • Paintguns must be bagged when transporting to and from the field of play.
  • No unauthorized equipment, unless otherwise approved by on site supervisor. The following will not be permitted: paintguns without trigger guards, multiple burst firing guns, laser sights, knives, paint grenades, paint mines, smoke grenades and all firearms. No spiked cleats of any kind.
  • Absolutely no paintballs other than those purchased on site to be used.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed.
  • No smoking in any area of YMCA Camp Kern.
  • No throwing paintballs at any time.
  • No running or roughhousing in staging / check in area.

We are hiring!

Want a great weekend job this year? How about being a paintball referee or check-in attendant? Full training will be provided and pay rates are very competitive! For more information or to apply click here and under the ‘Camp Kern’ section you can select the job you are interested in. If you have any questions, contact Andrew Wright at awright@daytonymca.org or at 513-932-3756 x 1528