Rules and Safety

Safety is our number one priority at Paint Zone and our staff are required to ensure that all games are being played in a safe manner, with equipment that is safe for all involved. Furthermore, we require all games to be played in a friendly manner, adhering to our four core values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring and Honesty.


Every player will be required to sign a Waiver and a Rules Policy. Minimum age to participate at Paint Zone is 13 and all guests younger than 18 must have a parent / legal guardian with them or a signed and notarized waiver.

Our Safety Rules

  • Goggles must be worn in play area at all times
  • Barrel socks must be used in staging area
  • Only YMCA Camp Kern Paintguns will be permitted. Our guns are chronographed below 250 feet per second (fps) before play
  • No blind shooting
  • No bonus balling or overshooting eliminated players
  • No bunkering (shooting someone at point blank range)
  • If you are less than 20ft from an opposing player you must use the surrender rule to eliminate them from play
  • Do not pick up or use old paintballs (they will jam your gun)
  • No physical contact with other players or referees
  • No verbal abuse, profanity, slurs or name calling against any players or employees at any time
  • No arguing with referees. Decisions are final
  • No jumping over, or on top of bunkers
  • No shooting in areas other than the designated field of play. This includes staging areas, parking lot and other fields in area
  • Paintguns must be bagged when transporting to and from the field of play.
  • No unauthorized equipment such as; non YMCA Camp Kern paintguns, laser sights, knives, paint grenades, paint mines, smoke grenades and all firearms. No spiked cleats of any kind
  • Absolutely no paintballs other than those purchased on site to be used.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed
  • No smoking in any area of YMCA Camp Kern
  • No throwing paintballs at any time
  • No running or roughhousing in staging / check in area