Summer Camp Testimonials


We were excited to be able to partner with Mom's Hope this past summer, and they featured us in their summer newsletter: click here to read Noah's story (page 3).



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‘As a child I never got to experience camp, but always wanted my kids to have more and better experiences than I had, and with help from the scholarship fund they are able to. This was my oldest daughter's 3rd summer going to Camp Kern, and each year she comes home raving about how much fun she had and how nice everyone is. She has a hard time making friends and fitting in, but at Camp Kern it seems she never has that issue and can't wait for next summer. She also loved her counselor! Thanks again for everything.’ - KRISTA

'I want to thank Camp Kern for the exceptional time my son has had at the camp. I cannot say enough good things about the experiences my son has had there. He is determined to be a counselor some day! Without the generous help of the scholarship committee, we could not afford the camp. My son has ADHD and sometimes has issues with self-esteem. Camp has been such a positive experience for him. He comes home glowing with stories of what he has learned from the counselors and fellow campers. I do wish I could afford another week for him. I would love to personally thank the donors.’ - BECKY2002.09 HighRidgeYMCA 03 hr

'My Grandson truly enjoyed camp. Riding the horse was also special to him and his counselors were very nice to him. Without the grant it would not have been possible for him to come to camp. It is an experience for youth to meet other youth and share ideas and learn from one another. My grandson comes from mixed heritage and he said, ‘Grandma, I was an individual while I was at camp’. Whom ever donates money for youth to go camp I want to thank them. Without their kindness this would not take place.’ - JODY

'My 10 year old son has been diagnosed with asperger's, tourettes, adhd, dyspraxia, along with many learning disabilities.  I have always been hesitant to send my son to any programs like this because of the many struggles he faces​, and in the past things like this have always turned out to be disappointing as the staff is not trained to understand and handle children like my son. 

The staff were very friendly, understanding and supportive regarding my son.  There were a few times he had some issues, but the staff never made it seem like they were "giving up on him" or that they did not want him there or ask me to not bring him back - as this is what has happened many times in the past.  The Camp Kern staff made camping a positive experience for my son and I will always be grateful to them for that. Thank you Camp Kern for having such a positive impact on my children's lives.’ - GAYLE

'Craig was so blessed to be able to attend Camp Kern this year. Everyday I watched for the pictures of Craig and saw he was having a great time, and when I went to pick him up, he first hugged me and then asked me if he could return for the rest of the summer. He loves sleeping under the stars, making new friends and learning from the counselors. This camp made my son grow in so many ways and I hope that he is able to experience this for many years to come. Thank you Camp Kern for giving 20150731 211143Craig this opportunity.’ - TAMATHA

'This was Olivia’s first overnight camp and she was excited to go. She liked making new friends and doing fun and different things she’s never done before. This grew her up a little impacted her sense of independence. When she came back she was thankful and grateful for everything that I have provided for her, which is a big deal for an 8 year old. I wanted camp to support Olivia in her ability to have healthy relationships with girls and boys. It did just that. She made friends with multiple people and learned that being unkind to someone is hurtful. Olivia's favorite part of camp was the event 'under the sea' because she said she really enjoyed making new friends. She also stated sleeping outside was awesome because it let her “be with nature close up”. - KATHERYN

'We have had 11 great years with Camp Kern. First camp, main camp, and the CIT program. They enjoyed a week of fun filled games, swimming, hiking, zip line and much more. S'mores, the "hobo" dinner,  and camp outs have been memorable moments as well. Rain or shine, it is a positive way to spend a busy week with the many new people you will meet. My children shared many stories and songs they learned. Thank you.’ - RONDA

'I cant express my gratitude enough. The twins had so much fun. Each said they got to meet some 'real neat' people and kids. They seemed to be very interested in the different places and countries your staff came from. Each told me of the things they enjoyed the most. Such as the hunt in the woods with the staff. The Hobbit theme was so awesome, it really helped kids have fun and be drawn into activities. They both learned about their likes and strengths. They received much positive influence. I saw a huge difference in their behaviors and attitudes and they said they will never forget it. They tell all their friends about the experience, they even told their teachers. 2002.09 HighRidgeYMCA 01 hr

I will always be so grateful for the joy and happiness you shared with the twins. Thank you! God bless!’ - ANDREA & SHAUN

'To see the transformation of when we dropped her off and being a bit reserved to stay, to the buzz of excitement when we picked her up was amazing to see.   Words are not able to properly express how thankful we are to allow children to have a week to just think about being a kid and having fun and create memories that will stay with them forever.' - JENNIFER

'It was my Son’s first experience at Camp Kern and he couldn't have loved it more!! He still talks about camp, even almost 2 months later.  He begged to come back and he'll be at frontier camp next year and cannot wait!  I cannot thank the counselors and volunteers enough for making his first camp experience better than we could have imagined!' - JULIE

'Our daughter loved her first summer away at camp. We were so nervous she'd feel home sick. She didn't know anyone going in and came out with 10 new friends. We are already signed up for a full week next summer and her cousin is coming all the way from California to enjoy the experience with her! Thanks for a great program. Can't wait for next summer!' - HEATHER

'I feel like so many summertime activities are all about the newest and coolest thing. I want her to have a good old-fashioned week where she just does summer camp, away from electronics and TV. She was looking forward to coming back all school year and often when she'd struggle with school or be upset because it was cold or rainy, we'd talk about Camp Kern and all of the cool things she would do the next year. It kept her motivated.  I am so happy to have Camp Kern so near us and hope it stays the same. Having a camp experience for kids these days is invaluable.' - HEIDI

'We have sent our daughter to Camp Kern since she was 5 years old. Even though the early years were hard  – being away from home, meeting new kids, trying new things -  the counselors have always been amazing at encouraging her to do her best in a way that is warm and supportive. I love the diversity of the kids and the counselors at Camp Kern… she gets exposed to counselors from all over the world and kids from all different backgrounds, ages and abilities.  I hope that she will have the opportunity to go every year until it’s time for her to be a counselor herself. In this fast paced, technology obsessed world that we live in today, I don’t know what our kids would do without camp!'  - ERIN

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Awards & Certifications

Camp has been fortunate enough to win the Best of Dayton Magazine Summer Camp for the last 3 years! Click here for more information on this public nominated and voted award.

We are also an ACA (American Camping Association) member and subscribe to their inspection process. We adhere to all ACA standards and at our last formal visit in 2015 we passed with 100% completion.

Camp Kern is inspected regularly by the Warren County Health Department for our kitchen and swimming pool facilities, and adhere to all standards and recommendations.