Star Wars Camp

Sessions 1 & 6

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Are you prepared to embark on the greatest adventure ever seen in a galaxy long ago and far away? There is war brewing between the Republic, Clones, Trade Federation, Outer Rim Planets…and there have been reports that the Sith are reemerging. Join forces with the greatest heroes of the universe and take down the darkest evil ever faced. Your week will train you in the ways and honor of the Jedi, while challenging you with the nightly missions. Gather your courage and prepare to become one with the Force!

This week of Star Wars fun was created in conjunction with Lucasfilm, LTD. Camp Kern was able to be a part of creating an awesome camp resource for use by camps around the country as they integrate Star Wars themes into their camp! Campers last year loved Star Wars camp, and 2013 is going to be another awesome year filled with new games and adventure!

2019 Summer Camp Themes

Session 1 – Harry Potter
(June 16 - June 22)

Session 2 – Color Wars
(June 23 - June 29)

Session 3 – Ultimate Kern Week
(June 30 - July 6)

Session 4 – Fantastic Beasts
(July 7 - July 13)

Session 5 – Agents of Kern
(July 14 - July 20)

Session 6 – Star Wars
(July 21 - July 27)

Session 7 – Neverland
(July 28 - Aug. 3)

Session 8 – Harry Potter
(Aug. 4 - Aug. 10)

Session 9 – Jurassic Camp
(Aug. 11 - Aug. 17)