Teambuilding Activities

From indoor rock-climbing to zipping across the treetops, YMCA Camp Kern has high adventure programming suitable for any thrill-seeking group. Our staff have years of experience in facilitating teambuilding, leadership, and high adventure programs.

HIGH ROPES COURSEteam building

(Up to 20 participants in a 3-hour session; Ages 13+)

High Ropes is the pinnacle of our confidence and trust-building activities. Participants on the High Ropes Course must traverse 9 different challenging elements which are 25-40 feet off of the ground. Challenges include various crossing such as Burma Bridge, Vine Swing, and The Gauntlet. All elements are linked via tree platforms for transfers. The course is designed for participants to build trust in themselves and a partner.

LOW ROPES COURSEteam building

(for groups of 15+ people; all ages)

The teambuilding experts at YMCA Camp Kern specialize in ice breakers, group field games, and our low ropes course. Your group will be faced with a variety of physical and mental obstacles that are designed to promote teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving, and camaraderie. YMCA Camp Kern offers a large selection of Low Course elements ranging from “classics” to originals that were designed and developed by our staff. Low ropes sessions typically begin with fun group initiatives and then gradually moves in to more complex challenges.


(Group size can greatly vary with this activity; best for ages 10+)

The only one of its kind in the world! Challenge your group to our 55 foot climbing tower with 9 different climbing elements, including the Vertebrate, Giant’s Ladder, Rope X, and Cowboy Up!

THE MINESHAFTteam building

(Group size can greatly vary with this activity; ages 13+)

Speed down a 200 ft tube in pitch black at 20 mph!

GIANT SWINGteam building

(Up to 30 participants in a 3-hour session; Ages 7+)

Swing from 5-35 ft in the air!

CLIMBING WALLteam building

(Group size can greatly vary with this activity; ages 7+)

Try our 50 foot outdoor “slant wall” or our 30 foot indoor climbing wall.


(Up to 30 participants in a 3-hour session; Ages 7+)

Scale our 50 ft Vertical Maze and exit off our twin Zipline.